Zion National Park

After hauling ass to get down to warmer weather, we arrived at Zion National Park on Friday, April 11th, and stayed for 5 nights, including one backcountry camping night.

Our Zion Spots
Zion National Park – Simplified Canyon Map

Here are the highlights. Gory details and more photos to come soon.

  1. Hiked Angel’s Landing, a ~5 mile, very strenuous hike. The last half mile to the overlook is a scramble up a rock ledge with long, steep, drop-offs on either side and chains to hold.
  2. Hiked / waded up The Narrows, a section of the Virgin River where you follow the path of the river up the canyon. The water was only about 40 degrees, and much of the hike is spent actually in the water.
  3. Hiked short trails to Emerald Pools and the Watchmen viewpoint, both of these took about an hour and a half and were very nice for our easy days.
  4. Hiked ~6 miles up on to the West Rim for one night of back country camping and then hiked back down in the morning.
  5. Camped 4 nights at South Campground. Watchman camping is only by reservation.
  6. Spent time between hikes in Springdale, at two coffee shops, catching up on emails and blog posts, to some extent. I recommend Deep Creek, they have a great rooftop patio, solid coffee, and very nice staff.

Here’s some of the best moments:

At the Narrows, a large part of the hike up the canyon was in the water, sometimes across slippery stones.
Ogre shower in the Narrows.
The most strenuous part of the Angel’s Landing hike
Along the path to the Emerald Pools
On the trail to the West Rim. I think we might have too much gear! Our stuff isn’t heavy but it is bulky. Looking forward to warmer weather.



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  1. You guys are amazing. I’m loving all the posts. Adam, I’m liking the beard. Be safe and have fun. Love you guys bunches and bunches.

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