What Are You Wondering about Wandering?

OpenRoadOne non-surprise I’ve recently experienced on a long trip is that too much of anything, even a great thing, is too much. Over the past four months, Adam and I have had more than our fair share of nature, rest, and relaxation. Our serenity tank is now nearly full, and we’re changing up the plan for a little while to do some house-sitting in Austin, TX, so we can check out another future potential hometown while enjoying some live music and good food.


Having spent four months enjoying all the west side of the country has to offer, we’re no closer to figuring out our future long term life plans, so we think it makes sense to head out to SE Asia, and see what’s to be seen in that part of the world. Adam and I have never visited Asia and we’re looking forward to experiencing some culture shock, seeing some temples, and eating some pad thai.

So after four months of US road tripping, and learning how to put together a blog, I have a few more ideas for things I might try to summarize while the car’s still full and the gear still stinks. As I wrap up my ramblings on this part of the trip, are there any topics you would like to hear more about? Vote here and check back soon for the post!

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    One thought on “What Are You Wondering about Wandering?”

    1. I have so enjoyed your blog! Some of the places I’ve visited and it brings back nice memories…others are now added to my bucket list. Of course, a lot of your adventures reminds me of Matt and all of his trips/adventures. He also took several weeks and went over to Asia by himself a few years back and really enjoyed it. He is moving to New Zealand for about 8 months in late August so maybe you should add that to your list of places to go! Keep enjoying your time!

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