We’ve Covered a Lot of Ground So Far

It’s hard to believe we’ve been on the road for three and a half months by now. We’ve driven over 6,000 miles, hiked over 200, and done our fair share of train riding, bike riding, and kayak riding, too. We’ve visited 11 national parks, 6 state parks, 3 “special” national park areas (like national volcanic monument, national seashore, and national historic parks), plus countless other campsites, trails, and wilderness areas.

Even I’m having a hard time keeping it all straight! So, I made a map of all the national parks we’ve visited (the green tree markers) and all the other places as well (the blue and other markers):

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Where We\'ve Been (And Blogged!) : 37.971690, -100.872662


We have also been very, very lucky to stay with many wonderful friends and family along the way. Everyone who has hosted us so far has been kind, thoughtful, generous, and gracious, and I really feel honored to be a part of the lives of so many amazing people. Thank you all again, we wouldn’t have made it this far without you. I won’t embarrass anyone by associating them further with the blog but I am sincerely hoping to return the favor sometime in the future!

3 thoughts on “We’ve Covered a Lot of Ground So Far”

  1. Leslie Gail! I am so happy to see you! For some reason I haven’t received the last two blog posts, so I’m happy that I remembered the website and came here.
    What an adventure! I am grateful you have so many friends who have taken such good care of you. You have a couple more here, so let me know if Richmond is on your list! UTG!

    1. Hi Auntie Gail. I am sorry to hear that, I don’t know what could be going wrong. Next time we are on the east coast I will stop by and poke buttons in person to try to fix it. 🙂

  2. Come on over to Montana and see the beautiful East Rosebud Lake! By the way, the address is “East Rosebud Lake, Scott Cabin.” Can’t wait to see you guys! xo j

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