We Survived our Ten Day Meditation Retreat

Adam and I both made it through our ten day Vipassana retreat. We’re not exactly fully enlightened like this guy but we both found it to be a very positive experience.

Yes, it was really tough. We had ten days of not seeing each other, no electronics or reading materials, no booze, an all vegan diet, and about nine or ten hours of meditation every day.

My brain is still recovering from the mental workout but this was one of our most interesting quests so far and I hope to figure out a way to explain it coherently sometime soon.

And one final note for any careful readers, that last post about surprises was finished before the retreat and set to auto-post. I was not blogging during the retreat. which I probably should’ve mentioned somewhere.

8 thoughts on “We Survived our Ten Day Meditation Retreat”

  1. So, if I had ten days with no alcohol, no meat or dairy, and no wife, I’m not sure which I’d fix first when the session came to an end. Maybe all three at once?

    1. Don’t forget the internet! It was very worth the temporary sacrifice for the mental clarity but I’ve now made sure to get all these wonderful vices back in my life. I’m reintroduce things mindfully but we’ll see if that sticks.

  2. Just wonderful!
    So, what did you do first….Adam, web, beer, meat…?
    Thanks for mentioning the auto post. I was wondering….

    What, where, next?

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