Trip Update – Slowly Heading Back “Home”

On January 3rd, we returned to the good ol’ US of A after three and a half months of wandering. Here’s a quick update on our past few weeks of adventures, a few teasers for upcoming posts, and an update on our (lack of) plans for our next adventure.

After leaving Indonesia and SE Asia, though certainly not because it was too expensive,  we spent about two weeks in New Zealand. There, we really loved biking to wineries, which you may have seen on the blog already. We had a handful of other exciting adventures, but those posts aren’t quite ready yet. 

Next in the category of amazing trips, we spent Christmas on a tropical cruise around the islands of French Polynesia with Adam’s wonderful family. We saw a lot of beautiful beaches, scuba dove and snorkeled some great coral reef spots, and drank a fruity cocktail or two. The best part for me was having real, in-person conversations with someone other than Adam.

Just enjoying a sunset cocktail with Adam’s family, minus two husbands.

Our return trip included two quick days in Honolulu. It was really nice to be back in the US, especially since we were staying in a very walkable area of the city. I really enjoyed reactivating my cell phone, eating Subway sandwiches at the beach, and drinking hoppy beers. Adam decided not to turn his phone back on yet but he did enjoy the sandwiches and beers.

We visited Pearl Harbor, and saw the USS Arizona memorial and explored the one free mini-museum option there. I thought the video before the memorial and the museum were really well done. If you are considering a visit, try to go early in the morning. We came straight from our red-eye and were there before the park opens at 7, and there was already a substantial line for USS Arizona tickets.

The USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor marks the spot where the Arizona sank after the Japanese attack.
Adam is not impressed.
Adam is rightly skeptical of my photography inside the memorial.

We’re planning a few more visits with family and friends over the next few weeks on the East Coast, but after that, we currently have some ideas but NO PLANS. So, while we’re sort of heading back “home”, I don’t exactly know where we’re going.

It feels like this…

The sunglasses aren’t quite hiding the terror, huh?

Anyone have good, warm, cheap places with fun adventures that they’d recommend for us next? Nicaragua and Colombia are on our short list for now, but I am in the market for any and all recommendations!

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  1. Here is a suggestion for a great adventure. Come back to Chicago and work for Aon!! It is not warm or cheap, but we have lots of hoppy beers.

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