Bicycle Touring – Week 2 – Getting into the Swing of Things

Despite all the flat ground we were covering, our biking tour was a real roller coaster for me. During our first week of adventuring, I knew we were on Adam’s dream vacation but I was struggling to keep up, both physically and in level of excitement. The chilly weather didn’t help. Fortunately for both of us, the second week was a lot more enjoyable for me. I was a little more used to biking, eating tons more carbs to keep my energy up, and the weather got warmer, too.  We had also had some great trails and other fun spots, too, like riding the Fort Fisher Ferry in North Carolina.

All aboard the ferry!
All aboard the ferry!

Our Stats

Here’s our stats for the 12 days we rode. We almost covered 500 miles as we traveled from Durham, North Carolina to Charleston, South Carolina.


We averaged about 40 miles per day, and typically about 10 miles per hour when we were moving, even with the really low mileage weekend.  We spent about 4 or 5 hours a day pedaling on the bikes, with breaks for snacks and lunch. The record keeping on speed is tough because we often paused for traffic or to check directions without stopping the clock. Continue reading Bicycle Touring – Week 2 – Getting into the Swing of Things