And Then I Got Screwed

Exciting things are happening all the time out here on the trail. Yesterday, just after a nice relaxing lunch break for sandwiches on the beach, I had the good luck to plow this giant piece of hardware into my back tire. Biking_GotScrewed

As soon as I rolled over the screw, my tire flattened with a giant whoosh. I was especially excited to see that I’d managed to get a giant hole in the outer tire and the tube.

Fortunately, Adam and I had prepared for this eventuality by watching a few YouTube videos on changing a flat tire. We had the necessary new tube and tire wrenches and were able to get me up and running again on a new tube within a half hour or so.

Biking_GotScrewed_FixingaFlatWe still need to patch the old tube for next time. For now, I’m still riding on my busted tire, too. This is not the best move, but I think our next bike shop won’t be until Charleston, which is still about 80 miles away. Hopefully we can make it there, then find a place where I can get some expert advice and maybe some new tires.