And Then I Got Screwed

Exciting things are happening all the time out here on the trail. Yesterday, just after a nice relaxing lunch break for sandwiches on the beach, I had the good luck to plow this giant piece of hardware into my back tire. Biking_GotScrewed

As soon as I rolled over the screw, my tire flattened with a giant whoosh. I was especially excited to see that I’d managed to get a giant hole in the outer tire and the tube.

Fortunately, Adam and I had prepared for this eventuality by watching a few YouTube videos on changing a flat tire. We had the necessary new tube and tire wrenches and were able to get me up and running again on a new tube within a half hour or so.

Biking_GotScrewed_FixingaFlatWe still need to patch the old tube for next time. For now, I’m still riding on my busted tire, too. This is not the best move, but I think our next bike shop won’t be until Charleston, which is still about 80 miles away. Hopefully we can make it there, then find a place where I can get some expert advice and maybe some new tires.

One Week of Bicycle Touring and One of Us is Hooked

Adam and I decided about two weeks ago that it would be a fun and exciting challenge to ride our bikes as far as we could during the month of March. We’re taking a bike route called the East Coast Greenway south from Durham, North Carolina and hoping to make it to Tampa, Florida by April 1. We’re about a week in and here are some more updates on our journey so far!

In our full year of travel, even considering everywhere we’ve visited in the US and abroad, this biking trip is the closest we’ve come to being on Adam’s dream vacation. It might sound crazy. Here’s why:

  • Biking is Adam’s preferred method of self-propulsion and his favorite way to travel. (All self-propulsion is great for Adam, especially kayaking, but biking is the most practical.)
  • It’s physically challenging, but not too tough to ride a good number of miles most days, plus it’s the right speed to experience the countryside.
  • We get to eat as many snacks as we can to make up for all the calories burned.
  • Keeping with our minimalist tendencies, we carry all our stuff with us in small bags on the bikes. There’s no room for luxuries or crap we don’t need. Adam didn’t even pack a sleeping bag, opting instead for a smaller blanket for camping.
  • And finally, this whole trip is a little wacky, but biking and bicycle touring is nearby and not too hard for most people. Adam wants to prove it’s feasible and fun even for rookie bikers like us.
If it’s not obvious already, I am skeptical on the bike trip as best vacation ever but I am really enjoying the snacks. Helmets are fun too.

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