Bicycle Touring – Our Beginner Gear Setup

Of all the adventures we’ve had in our last year, riding across the Carolinas on our bikes was one that seems crazy, but was actually surprisingly easy to pull off. We weren’t expert bikers or long-distance athletes, we just discovered the East Coast Greenway route and started pedaling. In retrospect, one of the more challenging parts of the trip was figuring out what to bring when we switched from backpacking to bicycle touring or bike-packing. For anyone wanting to set off on their own crazy adventure like this, here’s the complete list of gear we needed to roll around self-sufficiently.

Here I am with all my gear. This was on our coldest, windiest riding day. It wasn't my favorite.
Here I am with all my gear and wearing all my clothes on our coldest, windiest riding day. Can you tell it wasn’t my favorite?

Keeping with our minimalist travel style, here’s the full details on all our gear: