Random Question – Do you buy Travel Insurance?

Ever since I looked at our budget for SE Asia, I’ve been mulling over the fact that insurance was a hefty 12% of our expenses, and specifically that we paid World Nomads almost $700 for four months of travel insurance.

I realize it is very possible that this is the least exciting topic I’ve ever mentioned on the blog.  However, I have a very strong suspicion that we majorly overpaid for travel insurance, mostly because I purchased a bundle of services that we didn’t need. I’ve been reading more and more about travel insurance in general, and realized I still barely understand how it works.

I probably should’ve figured this out before we took off.

So now I want to try something crazy and try a reader poll to see if anyone else reading this blog has travel insurance figured out. As long as I’m not the only confused wanderer out here, I will try to explain everything I’ve learned about travel insurance and why we spent too much on insurance for our trip in an upcoming post.

So, here is a very quick question for everyone:

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Did you have any travel insurance for your last international trip?

    And, a follow up question for anyone who does buy travel insurance:

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    If you do purchase travel insurance, what do you do?

      I hope that was less painful than wasting a bunch of money on travel insurance. Thanks in advance for taking a few seconds to tell me what you think about this most riveting topic!

      6 thoughts on “Random Question – Do you buy Travel Insurance?”

      1. It is absolutely hilarious and somewhat admirable that the breadth of your life’s interests are so great as to include such far ranging topics as existentialism, meditation, surfing, hiking, spelunking, etc., and travel insurance!

        I don’t know if my “vote” was recorded, but I only buy insurance to protect against catastrophe (health, home, auto, life, heirlooms, etc.). Other than that, I trust their marketing folks have done the math to include a hefty profit for the seller. So why should I pay more than the expected value for a loss I can afford? Likewise I never buy warranties, car rental insurance, etc. I always wonder how difficult it would be to collect on an actual loss for these other policies. Of course, if buying the insurance led to more relaxation and less worry, what you spent was a bargain.

        I also did the math on your figures at the top of this article and its remarkable how little the two of you spent to experienced so much.

        1. Thanks for the comment and for the vote. It went through perfectly. I just HATE potentially wasting money on something I am not sure I need, like insurance, when I could spend it on more fun things like traveling, eating, and drinking. I do consider the peace of mind aspect, too, but I am not sure that’s even a correct assumption at this point! If you want to see more about our low but still luxurious spending, there’s a lot more detail in this post. SE Asia is definiately a bang for your buck place!

      2. of course you take travel insurance.
        you never know when and where and there are so many things which can go wrong.
        especially at the health side but also with legal and other things.
        they organize it also when necessary.
        if you don’t have to loose anythings, don’t insure it.

        1. Hi Wim! Thanks for voting and for the comment. I am starting to be really skeptical that travel insurance, especially when you shop in the low end of the price range like I do, will give me the protection and help that I need when things really do go wrong. You’ve seen our luggage, too, we don’t have very much to lose!

      3. I almost never buy it despite some rather adventuresome travel locations. A few years ago, I bought travel health insurance from Atlas Travel for $14 that covered 3 weeks up to $100k with $1k deductible. In hindsight if I really needed a helicopter evac, $100k would be a drop in the bucket but I never really researched it – just bought it to show my parents to help them feel a tiny bit better about my SE asia trip 🙂

        1. That price sounds great to me. I’ve read that $100k is usually ok except for really remote locations or cruise ships. Peace of mind is a nice gift for your fam.

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