Our Craziest Adventure Yet

Frequent readers of this blog are probably used to slightly weird adventures, like that time we nearly killed ourselves on the Timberland Trail in Oregon, crawled through caves in Malaysia, and even did a ten-day, silent, vegan meditation retreat. However, I am still 100% confident that our next adventure is our craziest yet.

There’s no way to ease into it….

Here's Adam on the trail with all our gear.
Can you guess yet?

We are riding our bikes from Durham, North Carolina to Tampa, Florida.

That will be about 1,100 miles for us, since we will largely follow a bike route called the East Coast Greenway. The full route runs from Maine down to the Florida Keys, so we’re picking it up in Durham. It seemed like an exciting way to get down to Tampa by April 1 to meet up with some of Adam’s buddies. Detail oriented readers may also notice that the Greenway doesn’t exactly go to Tampa, so we’ll have to fake the last 200 miles or so.

I can’t exactly explain where this idea came from, but after I suggested bicycle camping or touring, Adam found a way to make it much more extreme.

Today was our first day on the road and we put in a not-too-embarrassing distance of 40 miles in about five hours. It helped that it was warm and sunny outside. We went from Durham, NC over to Raleigh, NC, since the Greenway often takes deliberately meandering routes to maximize trail riding and minimize riding on large roads.

One great trail took us through forested Umstead State Park.
One beautiful part of today’s trail took us through forested Umstead State Park.

Tomorrow and hopefully for the rest of March, we’ll continue our journey south. Before you get worried, please know that we are fully stocked with a cell phone and a credit card, in case things really go downhill (ha!) somehow.

I am still figuring out how to put interesting things about our rides on the internet, but for now, I am charting our rides here, at mapmyride.com. Check me out if you like, but please be warned, there’s some ads so I am looking for something less annoying, at some point when my brain is less exhausted and more prepared for higher-level thinking.

Check back soon for more details on how (and if) our trip is progressing! If you have questions or pointers, please let me know in the comments, too.

2 thoughts on “Our Craziest Adventure Yet”

  1. Good luck–would love to do at least some of this with you. Unfortunately, stuck here in beautiful Searcy. Will dedicate a 30 mi ride this Saturday to you guys.

    1. Hi Bill! Thanks for the luck, I am going to need it to keep up with Adam. We made it to Wilmington, NC, and are about to rest up a little bit and find some delicious beers for the day. I hope you had a great ride today, too.

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