On the Road Again…

It was so wonderful to be in DC to watch Katie and Chris tie the knot!


Careful blog readers may have noticed things occasionally get a little out of order around here. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on the Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood in Portland, Oregon, and a quick update on Mt. St. Helens and the Ape Caves in Washington State, but in the meantime here’s a quick travel update on our weekend and future cross-country train trip.

Photo credit: My Mom
The Happy Couple! (photo credit: my mom)

Adam and I flew back to celebrate with Katie and Chris. It is always wonderful to catch up with the college crew. Another sneaky bonus was that many of Katie’s family members flew in from the West Coast. Adam is turning into quite the power networker, and found us a few more locals in Washington and Montana. They were all nice enough to invite us to swing by. I hope they meant it, because we are coming!

We have had an absolute blast this past week with tons of friends and family in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. I won’t sully anyone’s good name by affiliating them with this blog, but let me just say you know who you are and I am so happy we got to see everyone!

Lots of generations – We saw my grandparents, parents, aunt and uncle, and my cousins’ adorable new baby.


Practicing on the MARC train from DC to Frederick.
Practicing on the MARC train from DC to Frederick.

Today, and for the next few days, we are going on our most unique adventure yet. We are going to RIDE THE TRAIN across the country. Adam has wanted to make this happen for a long time, and it would be hard for him to be more excited. My emotional state is somewhere between skeptical and cautiously optimistic.

We leave from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia tonight, and arrive in Seattle on Thursday in time for lunch. We’re riding the Empire Builder line on Amtrak. We have first class tickets, for a sitting cabin that magically converts to bunk beds. All our meals are included, and yes, there is a bar car. We’re bringing Settlers of Catan and will hope to make some new friends.  Whatever happens, you’ll hear about it here. Stay tuned.

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