Life Lessons / Anyone Know A Guy In Seattle?

After our most recent park spree, we’re appreciating the comforts of modern life again in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we woke up the other morning to this:

Should have just left the window down…

Like idiots, we left some random camping things in the backseat and trunk of our car. When we woke up, we found someone had been kind enough to bust through the back window and rearrange everything for us. Fortunately, they only got their hands on Adam’s empty pack and a duffel bag. Our hiking boots ended up on the sidewalk covered in broken safety glass.

The good news is that we had taken most of the important and expensive things out of the car already. The nice people at REI gave us a nice discount on a replacement pack, and we had the window fixed by lunchtime.

Having learned that lesson, we are looking for a place to safely park our car and bikes in Seattle from June 16th through the 25th, while we are back on the East Coast for a wedding. If anyone knows a good place or a person who might be able to help us out, please let me know, I’d really appreciate it! And, hooray for key takeaways from packing your life into a Mazda.

One thought on “Life Lessons / Anyone Know A Guy In Seattle?”

  1. Bummer. Glad you have the right attitude about this unfortunate event. Let us know when you find a place to park your car. You can use my driveway, if you’re heading to Virginia. You are ALWAYS welcome! Love!

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