Learning to Fly…. Fish and Reader Poll Results

WonderingPollResultsFirst and foremost, thank you to everyone who cast their vote on my first ever reader poll. More than half the votes  came in for a Power Ranking of National Parks, so that post will be coming up soon, in addition to some thoughts on Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons.

And now, on to a regularly post with the usual photos and stories of our most recent adventures.

Life is rough.
Life is rough.

In some of our more recent travels, we’ve had the fantastic luck to spend time visiting amazing family and new friends. In all three of our most recent stops, our hosts have had fishing gear and expertise available for us to appreciate. Adam’s caught a few little guys, and I snagged a few great photos. More importantly, we enjoyed some beautiful scenery, some good conversations before we got started, and the occasional beer.

Adam snagged a good sized trout in Washington
Adam snagged a good sized trout in Washington

It started in Shelton, Washington, where we stayed with a friend of a friend and ended up out on a canoe fishing for medium fish in a small lake. Adam caught one from the middle of the canoe, and I almost got a good photo from the front of the boat.

My accomplishments on this fishing trip were getting almost all my casts into the water, only snagging submerged aquatic life once and not losing my fly, and getting a worm onto a hook, for all the good it did me. I also did not tip over the canoe or spill my beer, so I will probably be allowed back.

Our host Alita, showing us how it’s done in the Gallatin River near Bozeman, MT
It was only later that I was informed you’re not supposed to wear colors that scare the fish. Who knew they were such fashionistas?

In Bozeman, Montana, our host was the amazing Alita, and she taught us how to cast with a fly rod. I learned that you need to keep your wrist straight and pop your arm back and forth between 10 and 2. I spent most of my time in the water waggling my rod back and forth before occasionally dropping the fly into the water, usually in the wrong place. Maybe next time I’ll move on to actually catching real fishes.

Adam was a good learner, and Alita was incredibly patient. He’s also wearing her sunglasses so he can actually see into the water
The master at work.

Finally, when we visited the Scott Cabin at East Rosebud lake in Montana, Adam and I went fishing with my uncle Scotty a few times. We fished on a smaller river with a lot more underbrush near the banks. This makes casting a lot more awkward and difficult. I would say I did not quite get the hang of it, and furthermore, have no idea what to do when a fish actually nibbles on my line. Maybe next time…

Fortunately, there were rainbow and brown trout caught, and  I had almost as much fun warming back up on dry land and enjoying a condolence beer.

Here’s the other shots I snagged where Adam is catching fish. (Best wife ever?)

He’s just a little guy we caught near East Rosebud Lake
This fish got away but you can tell he was just HUGE


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