Garden of the Gods – Quick Pit Stop in Colorado Springs


The view from the visitor's center
The view from the visitor’s center

While on the road south, we swung by the Garden of the Gods, a small park just outside the city of Colorado Springs and we were very impressed. My mom and my aunt had recommended this park to us but it wasn’t until we heard it from other people in the area that we knew we had to stop by. The place is also one of TripAdvisor’s top attractions, period.

GardenofGods_FlowersThe park has sharp red and white rock cliffs which seem to rise out of nowhere and remind me of many of the Utah parks we visited.

It has a few miles of hiking trails and biking trails, you can rock climb with a permit, and we saw many people just walking and hanging out. The park is free, too, and the visitor’s center has a little museum with dinosaur pictures and a geologic timeline of the area, free maps, and a good view.

I would strongly recommend taking a day trip to this Natural National Landmark if you happen to be in the area!

Adam in the Garden. (I think there’s a good biblical joke here somewhere.)

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