Day 1 and 2 – Chicago to Arkansas

And, we are off to an exciting start! On Monday, Adam and I packed our lives into the car and headed down to Searcy, Arkansas. I am very lucky that my in-laws have offered up some space to store all our stuff, and that I have a sister and brother-in-law at Booth with some free time who were willing to help us load!

Key Day 1 Stats:

Uhaulin' Away
Here we are in Boomland, a questionable gas station and firework warehouse combo, where Adam is not-so-secretly wondering how many fireworks it would take to launch the UHaul off the ground
  • 1 guest bed left in a Chicago dumpster
  • 2 states covered, Illinois and Arkansas (The corner of Missouri doesn’t count)
  • 3 hours spent loading the Uhaul in Chicago, thanks to Sarah and Mike (It took 5 to unload the next day!)
  • 8.2 mpg average for 620 miles. No where to go but up!
  • 11 hours total travel time

On Tuesday, we spent most of the day figuring how to get all our crap back off the U-haul and up to the closet and attic upstairs. We only lost one additional piece of furniture, the Target armoire, which unfortunately got dysentery and died shortly after we crossed the Mississippi.

We aren’t quite finished packing up the Mazda, but we seem to have a much better ratio of stuff to available space.

With luck, we’ll be camping in the Black Kettle National Grassland in Oklahoma tomorrow evening, and headed towards the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico by Thursday. These should be interesting places to see, but I am really excited about our first expected Utah destination, which is Canyonlands National Park.

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  1. I’ll be watching as you travel all over the USA. Travel safe and have fun. LOts of hugs to both of you.

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