A Blog-Changing Update

Over the last few months, some very unexpected and crazy things have happened. We spent March biking 500 miles down the east coast on our mountain bikes, and then spent a next few weeks relaxing with family and friends and adventuring in Arkansas, Maryland, and DC. We even spent a few days enjoying the beach and cycling around breweries in Tampa, Florida on yet another DIY-bicycle brewery tour.

So what’s the blog-changing update that’s kept me so quiet for the past few weeks?

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Trip Update – Slowly Heading Back “Home”

On January 3rd, we returned to the good ol’ US of A after three and a half months of wandering. Here’s a quick update on our past few weeks of adventures, a few teasers for upcoming posts, and an update on our (lack of) plans for our next adventure.

After leaving Indonesia and SE Asia, though certainly not because it was too expensive,  we spent about two weeks in New Zealand. There, we really loved biking to wineries, which you may have seen on the blog already. We had a handful of other exciting adventures, but those posts aren’t quite ready yet.  Continue reading Trip Update – Slowly Heading Back “Home”

Experiencing the Expat Life in Phnom Penh

One of my favorite parts of our US road trip was visiting friends and family. At each and every stop, we got a real look into their homes, lives, friends, and local favorites. It should be no surprise that we’ve really, really enjoyed hanging out in Phnom Penh with our friends Jenny and Mike. Not only have they welcomed us into their day to day experience, but they introduced us to a new set of friends, mostly from Crossfit Amatak, who were just as welcoming. Continue reading Experiencing the Expat Life in Phnom Penh

Trip Update – From Bali to New Zealand

After two and a half months in SE Asia, Adam and I arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand a few days ago, zipped around the South Island in search of sauvignon blanc and adventure, and are now waiting patiently in Auckland for ogres-in-training Sarah and Dylan. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our recent adventures and a few spoilers about future blog posts.

Amazingly, the distance from Phnom Penh to Christchurch is 5,685 miles, or about 22% of the way around the world.
Amazingly, the distance from Phnom Penh to Christchurch is 5,685 miles, or about 22% of the way around the world. In my head they were pretty close…

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A Quick Update

We have been in SE Asia now for just over a month and I am a little ashamed to admit that I’m behind on the blog. Here is a quick update on some of our adventures so far and a sneak peak of things to come.

In the past two weeks, we spent a few days riding a little scooter around the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. We did some diving, ate some Thai food, hit the beaches, and got our first tattoos!

You know I’m kidding about the tattoos, right?

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On the Road Again…

It was so wonderful to be in DC to watch Katie and Chris tie the knot!


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Moving On – From San Francisco to Oregon and Washington

They are not kidding about the fog here.

After two and a half wonderful weeks of base camp in San Francisco, we left for Portland on Wednesday, June 3rd via the Redwoods National and State parks and a ranch called Bar 717 in Northern California. We didn’t have a lot of time to get there, since we were going to the Portland Timbers match on Saturday, June 6th. Our drive was punctuated by car challenges on both ends. Before leaving SF we killed the battery, and then just as we arrived to the Redwoods, the “check engine” light came on, but fortunately we only needed new spark plugs. We knew it wouldn’t always be easy, and I guess that’s what happens when you put 5,000 miles on a car in two months!  Continue reading Moving On – From San Francisco to Oregon and Washington

Life Lessons / Anyone Know A Guy In Seattle?

After our most recent park spree, we’re appreciating the comforts of modern life again in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we woke up the other morning to this:

Should have just left the window down…

Like idiots, we left some random camping things in the backseat and trunk of our car. When we woke up, we found someone had been kind enough to bust through the back window and rearrange everything for us. Fortunately, they only got their hands on Adam’s empty pack and a duffel bag. Our hiking boots ended up on the sidewalk covered in broken safety glass.

The good news is that we had taken most of the important and expensive things out of the car already. The nice people at REI gave us a nice discount on a replacement pack, and we had the window fixed by lunchtime.

Having learned that lesson, we are looking for a place to safely park our car and bikes in Seattle from June 16th through the 25th, while we are back on the East Coast for a wedding. If anyone knows a good place or a person who might be able to help us out, please let me know, I’d really appreciate it! And, hooray for key takeaways from packing your life into a Mazda.

Quick Update

Since Monday, May 4th, we’ve been back on the road, wandering our way to San Francisco. It’s been like wheee…

Stay Classy, San Diego

As of today, Wednesday, May 13th, we’re back in civilization in San Francisco and you can expect a number of updates on some amazing National Parks – Joshua Tree, Sequoia, and Yosemite in the very near future.