Canyonlands National Park – Our First “Real” Stop

Awwww, our first trip selfie. I swear the view here behind our huge heads is spectacular.

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! Still following, I see? Thanks!

Also, thanks for your patience so far as we are off to a fast start in terms of miles covered but a slow start in terms of blog posts. Since last Tuesday, we camped overnight in National Grasslands and National Forests in Oklahoma and New Mexico. Oddly, there was no internet or power in those places, so the PC and the blog were left neglected. After almost 1,900 miles over 5 days, we arrived in Utah on Good Friday to hit up our first national park of the trip. It did not disappoint.

Here are the three zones of the park. They’re seperated by the Colorado and Green Rivers, and to travel between the areas typically requires leaving the park and driving 2-6 hours. We only experienced The Needles (so far.)

Just driving into the park is pretty amazing, as we cruised through about 30 miles of grasslands surrounded by towering red cliffs.

We arrived around noon and were lucky to score the last campsite in the Squaw Flats area of the Needles. All the campsites here are first-come first-served, but they do have pit toilets and potable water nearby. I am far enough into the trip that this is a BIG WIN. 

After a quick lunch, we filled up our daypacks and camel backs to try the 7.5 mile hike through Big Spring and Squaw Canyon. (Here is the official park map if you want to see the real deal or check my facts.)

canyonlands adam hike
Here goes Adam again. Sometimes those go-go-gadget legs are hard to keep up with.
canyonlands leslie view
And here I am taking a break and enjoying the view.

The hike was great, we went up and down two canyons, and saw close ups of plant life from the tops and bottoms of the rocks. There was a lot of scrambling up and down sandstone rocks.

The whole thing took us about 3.5 hours, and got us back to camp in time for us to make a quick trip to the store for some frostly, celebratory, unfortunately-only-3.2%-Utah-Budweisers.


Here is my other favorite shot from Day 1, taken from the rocks behind our campsite. This is the view, facing east, that turned bright red with the sunset every night. I assure you my photography does not do it full justice.

canyonlands campsitr
The view from Squaw Flats Campsite #7. Not bad at all.

We’re currently in Arches National Park, so more to come before too long.


5 thoughts on “Canyonlands National Park – Our First “Real” Stop”

  1. Scotty & I are getting vicarious thrills from your commentary and photos, keep ’em coming! Most of the scenery you’re posting is familiar to us but we never cease to be blown away by how cool it is. Have fun! There’s nothing better than a true win-win. xo

  2. Just loving this! Your photography isn’t bad at all, and I am imagining the beauty and wonder around you. What a great experience you have created! I look forward to more. ♡

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