A Blog-Changing Update

Over the last few months, some very unexpected and crazy things have happened. We spent March biking 500 miles down the east coast on our mountain bikes, and then spent a next few weeks relaxing with family and friends and adventuring in Arkansas, Maryland, and DC. We even spent a few days enjoying the beach and cycling around breweries in Tampa, Florida on yet another DIY-bicycle brewery tour.

So what’s the blog-changing update that’s kept me so quiet for the past few weeks?

This looks familiar…

Our days of full time wandering have come to an end.

After just over a year on the road, we hung up our backpacks and our bikes (for now!) and have returned to full-time jobs in Chicago.

Fortunately for us, Chicago has Divvy bikes everywhere, so we’re still on two wheels as often as possible.

It happened really fast. I heard about an amazing opportunity at my old company. Adam connected with some old coworkers. In just a short week or two, I went from planning our next adventure to digging my work clothes out of the closet and booking flights back to the real world.

After all our travels around a lot of the world, we really didn’t think we’d end up back in Chicago, especially this quickly. Before the jobs popped up, we both wanted to try a new place with a new set of adventures, and I was guessing we would end up on the West Coast.

I hear San Francisco is beautiful all times of year, as long as you have a fleece jacket.

Fortunately for me, this trip has taught me to be a little more laid back with my planning and a lot more accepting of small and large surprises on the way. Given how perfectly and quickly Chicago worked out for jobs, I’m not too surprised it’s been great so far to be back with all our old friends, especially as we roll into summer.

And yes, working every day is sometimes less awesome than just traveling the world full time.

Other days though, it’s really nice to wake up in a familiar place and know exactly where I am going to get my first cup of coffee. Paychecks are nice. Going to the gym on a regular basis is much more satisfying than once every few weeks. And, between our old favorite Chicago restaurants, “family” dinners, and Adam’s cooking, I am eating like a champ.

So what now?

After taking a month or so off, I plan to continue blogging, especially since I have a few more fun adventures I wanted to include in the catalog. Adam and I have learned a lot about adventuring, gear, and traveling. I also stumbled into some insights on minimalism, mindfulness, meditation. Blogging about those helped me figure it all out and preserve it forever on the internet.

I’ll still be looking for places we can ride bikes, camp, and otherwise get out of the city. They’re harder to find in Chicago, but I always like a good challenge.

Going forward, I will probably be posting less frequently. If you aren’t following WanderingOgres already and you want more updates, you can always follow me on one of these social media sites.


Even with our new more permanent location here in Chicago, I know we’ll keep wandering one way or another. Be it planes, trains, or divvy bikes, our adventure won’t stop here!

3 thoughts on “A Blog-Changing Update”

  1. Welcome home. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your adventure and you make me want to pack my bag and hit the road. Good luck with your new jobs and keep exploring.

  2. Glad you’re back!
    Adventures in Chicago from night-life to city and country-side seems like it might be interesting. Consider, please?

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