Anza-Borrego Desert State Park


Squeezing in!
Squeezing in!

The Park: Anza-Borrego is a state park in the Colorado Desert about 2 hours NE from San Diego. It’s the largest state park in California and the second largest in the lower 48 states, with tons of hiking and some camping as well. You can see the visitor’s center and our hike on the map. While fun, I’d skip if it wasn’t on the way.


The Full Story: After leaving Pete and Alissa’s amazing home in San Diego and on the way to Joshua Tree, we stopped in Anza-Borrego to hike “The Slot”, one of the many small hikes that you can do in the park.

Anza_Slot_2To reach the hike, we took normal highways most of the way, until we reached an unmarked turn up a dirt road, which we missed on the first past, then drove a mile or so into the desert. On an unrelated note, our poor Mazda seems to be hanging a little low and her tires seem a little off.

Anza_Ocotillo_PlantWe hiked down into a canyon that got progressively narrower through the hike. After walking through the canyon, we walked along a wash that turned into a jeep road and eventually circled back to the highway. Unlike other parks we saw in Utah, this one was cool because the canyon walls were all a whitish gray rather than the orange and red layers we’ve been used to in Utah.

We also saw these crazy ocotillo plants everywhere. While they look like big dead shrubs, once it rains, they regrow leaves and red flowers. We missed the green and flowery part but the shrubs were fun, and it gave us a break on the way to Joshua Tree.

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